Our Company, Then & Now in Tampa, FL




J. H Williams IV, J. Hulon Williams III, Rosemary Williams Anderson
The foundation of the J.H. Williams Oil Company, Inc. was laid in 1928 when J. Hulon Williams, Sr. opened his own service station in Tampa, Florida on the corner of Bay to Bay Boulevard and MacDill Avenue.
Upon his son's return from military service in 1946, J. Hulon Williams, Sr. and J.H. Williams, Jr. went into business together.
Incorporated on November 1, 1947 and already distributing a complete line of petroleum products, J.H. Williams Oil Company, Inc. went on to become the largest Pure Oil jobbership in the United States by 1952.
After J. Hulon Williams, Sr.'s death in 1966, J.H. following in his father's footsteps, continued fair business practices and good relations with both customers and employees. By then J.H. Williams Oil Company, Inc., had several channels of trade including service stations, truck stops, commercial, industrial, marine and farm accounts, residential heating accounts, and air conditioning sales and service.
J.H. Williams, III (Hulon) graduated from the University of Florida in 1974 and officially joined the family firm and worked with his father for 15 years. Hulon served as President for two of those years while J.H. served as chairman. Hulon had grown up around the business, performing a wide variety of tasks which enabled him to acquire extensive knowledge in all aspects of the business. J.H. and Hulon felt that mutual trust and understanding was essential to a successful transition of a family business. Over the years, Mr. Williams has served in many leadership roles within the petroleum industry and state associations, including president of the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association and regional V.P. of the Southeast for PMAA. He has also served on numerous bank boards and community service boards in Tampa.
Hulon's daughter Rosemary Williams Anderson, came to work at the company in August 2006, after graduating from Auburn University where she studied Family Business and Entrepreneurship. Rosemary's hard work and dedication is a contributing factor to the continued success of J.H. Williams Oil Company. Rosemary currently serves as a member of the Florida Petroleum Marketer's Association, Board of Directors.
Hulon's son J.H. Williams IV joined the company in August 2011 after graduating from Auburn University where he studied Business Administration. JH's time and efforts are also contributing toward the continued success of the company. He too is involved in the FPMA and currently maintains a leadership position on the YEO committee.
Today, as president of J.H. Williams Oil Company, Inc. and its Dash In Dash Out Food Marts division, Hulon carries forward the three fundamental business principles that have guided the companies success for over fifty years: "The most successful companies expect change in the industry, manage well and never forget the shirt sleeves of the past."
The company currently distributes gasoline and diesel fuel products of Citgo Petroleum Corporation (Citgo), Chevron Texaco, Hess, Shell (Motiva Enterprises), Sunoco, Marathon and Pure Oil Company.
Through proper management, the efforts of our knowledgeable staff along with acquisitions, J.H Williams Oil Company, Inc. has enjoyed steady growth and looks forward to doing so for many years to come.