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One word…excellent, excellent service! I've been a dealer with JH Williams for 5 years now, and I am very impressed by the company. Every person who works there, from the sales team to the credit department, always takes care of us. Any question or issue, I call and it's handled promptly. They help me stay informed about regulations and inspections. I really appreciate that, and they visit our store frequently. Fuel deliveries are always prompt, amazing service. The whole group is amazing really. Everyone in the company is honest. I hope to have another store with JH Williams soon.
Ketu Patel
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Sales Team
J.H. Williams IV (JH)
Office: (813) 228-7776 ext. 6974
Direct Line: (813) 371-6974
Cell: (813) 601-6388
Fax: (813) 224-9413
Larry McGary
Office: (941) 746-2125 ext. 3557
Direct Line: (813) 371-3557
Cell: (941) 201-3557
Fax: (941) 708-6849
Art Vetter
Office: (813) 228-7776 ext. 6987
Direct Line: (813) 371-6987
Cell: (813) 679-3095 (primary contact number)
Fax: (813) 224-9413
Jack Piedmont
Office: (813) 228-7776 ext. 6984
Direct Line: (813) 371-6984
Cell: (813) 466-9327
Fax: (813) 224-9413
Mike Aldred
Office: (813) 228-7776 ext. 6985
Direct Line: (813) 371-6985
Cell: (813) 376-4433
Fax: (813) 224-9413
In addition to our sales team, there are many other employees at J.H. Williams Oil Co. who are working hard to provide you the best customer service possible. From our credit department to our accounting division and technology support, everyone is extremely dedicated and it's noticeable in the way our day to day operations run smoothly.

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Speaking of how great our team is, you should know that employees at JH Williams Oil Co. regularly reach 10, 15, and 20 years of service at the company. Currently, there are three employees on staff who have even surpassed the 35 year mark!
"We have been with J.H. Williams Oil for almost a year now, and have been extremely satisfied with the level of service provided from everyone within the company we deal with. They are always willing to help out and we know that with their integrity we will always get a fair deal! We feel that we have a true partner and we know that this partnership will continue to grow for many years to come!"
Nick and Moe